Joshua Lewis, Texas A&M University

Featured Scholar

Spring 2016

Josh Lewis, who will be a senior this fall, has worked hard to stand out among Texas A&M University’s nearly 50,000 undergraduates. He is a student senator, president of the Black Student Alliance Council (BSAC), an ambassador for the Department of Multicultural Services, and marketing director for Aggies United, a student organization founded by members of his Posse.

“If you want to be an Aggie, you have to be involved and get others to be involved so that you have better representation,” says Josh. “If you want to influence and change the culture, you can’t be on the sidelines. You need to actively be part of the process.”

As a member of the student government’s legislative relations commission, Josh co-authored a bill to improve Texas’ 911 Good Samaritan Law. It passed the student senate and when it reaches the Texas State Legislature it will have the backing of thousands of college students from across the state.

Josh is especially proud of the work he’s doing through BSAC to unite the black community on campus. As president, he’s built relationships with the administration and he’s forming a leadership roundtable with other student groups to ensure that the needs of black students on campus are being addressed.

Student leadership has whetted his interest in pursuing a public service or policy career, but Josh, a philosophy major, is keeping his options open. To be prepared to lead in a global community, he began studying Chinese language, culture and customs, and this summer he’s interning in Congressman John Lewis’ Atlanta office.

“I can see myself coming back to Georgia to work in local or state politics,” says Josh. “You really get to help people when you’re creating public policies. That’s what I care about the most.”