Malcolm Phillips, Wesleyan University

Featured Scholar

Spring 2016

Veteran Posse Scholar Malcolm Phillips enrolled at Wesleyan University last fall and has already proven himself a leader on campus. He uses his passion for art to engage with communities both on and off campus.

Malcolm is president and founder of the Wesleyan Comic and Graphix Club and was highlighted as “Artist of the Month” by Method Magazine, the university’s arts and culture publication. He plans to major in art history and pursue a graduate degree in fine arts.

A contributor for The Wesleyan Argus, a student-led newspaper, Malcolm examines social justice issues. One of his recent articles reviewed a showcase hosted by the Black Arts Collective, a forum inspired by the Black Arts Movement of the 1960s.

To further his work as a student activist, Malcolm participated in a leadership conference with Connecticut Campus Compact, which brings together students who are involved in social justice work across the state.

“What I found most valuable about participating in the conference was being exposed to a fresh perspective through my interactions with other students who are passionate about social justice issues,” says Malcolm.