Fall 2017| Posse Alumni Quarterly


Alumni Directory Sees Continued Growth

Since its launch in 2016, the Posse Alumni Directory has created a space to connect alumni across the country.

Such networking actively supports the Posse movement, as we work to change the face of leadership in the United States. Beyond college scholarships, Posse offers the chance to be part of a dynamic network of driven professionals who are pursuing leadership positions in a wide range of fields.

In the directory, alumni can search by name, school and Posse, with additional options to filter by industry, graduate degree or current city. This means alumni can use it to connect with local or far-flung Posse peers who share similar interests or career paths.

More than 1,300 alumni have participated in the #CheckYes campaign, setting their profiles so other alumni can reach out to them. Our goal is to have 100 percent of alumni engaged by logging in to the Posse Portal, updating their Posse profile with a current email address, and clicking #CheckYes to allow peer contact.

The Posse Alumni Directory is already a powerful resource; we need your help to reach its full potential.

A special shout-out to Pepperdine University Posse 1 from Los Angeles and Texas A&M University Posse 2 from Houston for 100 percent participation in the #CheckYes campaign.

Now it’s your Posse’s turn!

Join our “Pass the Koosh, Build Your Network” challenge and help the Posse Alumni Directory grow. Posse is a movement that is fueled by you, and that starts with connections.

To connect with more than 4,100 Posse alumni:

1. Log in to the Posse Portal

2. Update your profile and upload a picture

3. #CheckYes

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