Winter 2018| Posse Bay Area Quarterly


Bay Area Scholar Explores College Life at BU

Tanashua (Nasha) Harris-Santiago is a member of the first Bay Area Posse at Boston University.

In California, Nasha enjoys spending time with family, exploring her community near the Castro District, and being surrounded by the San Francisco art scene. Transitioning to Boston and being so far away from home is made easier by the presence of her Posse.

“Having my Posse is the most important thing to me,” Nasha says. “I’ve realized that I have the support I need.”

On the academic side, Nasha’s first classes have introduced her to new ways of looking at human interaction.

“I’m interested in the study of people and groups of people, and how others might think and behave differently than I do,” says Nasha. She is considering a major in sociology with a minor in women’s studies.

A talented dancer, Nasha was excited to get involved with BU’s dance community. She auditioned for Fusion, a traveling, competitive hip-hop group, and was one of only 10 students selected to join.

“We practice a lot and it’s a big commitment,” Nasha says, “but it’s a really good way to have something outside of academics that helps me with discipline and time management.”

She can rest assured the first performance will have a friendly audience; the whole BU Posse has already purchased tickets to go.

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