Winter 2018| Posse Bay Area Quarterly


Google Hosts Interviews For Posse Scholarship Nominees

Posse Bay Area kicked off the 2017 Dynamic Assessment Process (DAP) season—in which nominees for the Posse Scholarship were evaluated and ultimately selected—with group interview sessions hosted by Google offices in San Francisco.

This year’s DAP sessions culminated in the selection of 30 new Posse Scholars from the Bay.

Google has been a steadfast supporter of Posse since 2013. That year Posse received a Google Global Impact Award with a $1.2 million grant to support the Posse Veterans Program. Today the program has grown to include four institutional partners: Dartmouth College, University of Virginia, Vassar College and Wesleyan University.

"Our work would not be possible without corporate partners and volunteers like Google," says Bay Area Director Farah Elakhaoui. "Googlers in the Bay Area volunteer for DAP and as career and writing coaches."

In collaboration with Google’s GoogleServe initiative, Posse Bay Area is developing a new workshop for the 2018 Pre-Collegiate Training Program, the eight-month leadership training for all newly selected Scholars.

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