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Posse Chicago Alums Give Back

Posse Chicago’s professional development alumni committee provides dynamic opportunities for alums to give back to their peers.

J.M Conway, who works as the campus stewardship manager at Interfaith Youth Core, has made a personal goal to get more of the Posse community plugged in at a local level. A DePauw University Posse alum, Conway was a member of the first graduating class of Chicago Scholars.

“Our goal is to encourage alumni engagement by doing outreach, compiling resources and curating events,” says Conway of the professional development committee. “I decided to join because I’d been searching for ways to increase my volunteer efforts and this seemed like the perfect opportunity.”

Conway has volunteered for DAP 1 and DAP 2, attended the National Posse Alumni Leadership Conference in New York City, and has spoken at local Posse Awards Ceremonies. Conway also has been a consistent financial supporter of Posse since 2010.

Conway believes the professional development committee adds an important layer to this ongoing commitment to Posse. The group encourages all alumni to continuously engage with their Posse communities.

“The world is in desperate need of thoughtful, kind-hearted, skilled leadership,” Conway says, speaking directly to Posse peers. “It is my hope that you feel continually inspired. There’s a gang of us cheering for you, and we want to have your back.”

The committee is currently developing a workshop on financial literacy for the Posse Chicago community. They also advocate for alumni engagement at local Posse events, such as the Power of 10 and Holiday Celebrations.

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