Winter 2017| Posse Houston Quarterly


Texas A&M Scholar Looks to Expand on Record of Success

Texas A&M Scholar Milton G. in Qatar.

Even before arriving on Texas A&M University’s campus as a freshman last year, Milton G. had an impressive resume. In high school he was involved in multiple engineering programs such as Texas A&M Summer Opportunities in Aerospace Research (SOAR), Illinois Aerospace Institute, and Kincaid Engineering Math and Science Institute (EMSI). Milton also interned at Marathon Oil, earned certificates of excellence in chemistry, mathematics and physics, participated in a semester-at-sea program, served in leadership roles for various student associations and spent three years working with the Buffalo Bayou Beautification Project. Now in his sophomore year at college, Milton continues to strive for excellence.

This past summer Milton studied abroad in Qatar, immersing himself in the customs and culture of the country as well as taking physics and English courses. “I was able to practice some of the Islamic culture such as wearing a thobe and fasting during Ramadan. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to learn about and experience first-hand the beautiful Islamic culture.”

This fall Milton was selected to join the Texas A&M Grand Challenge Scholars Program (GCSP). The GCSP program is a selective, three-year program in which students research challenging engineering problems. Students in the program achieve in-depth understanding of their technical areas in research and also gain interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, global and service learning experiences. Milton plans to research methods for restoring and improving urban infrastructure.

For Milton his Posse is not just a group of friends who look out for one another; they are his family. He says, “As I see the great accomplishments my Posse has attained, they motivate and inspire me to reach greater heights. Posse has augmented my leadership skills and allowed me to become a more independent person.” 

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